People around the world!!!
I know that I'm late but I hope that everyone have a awesome and funny(Scary)day....
If somebody is knocking on your door ....it's probably this bunch of creatures....

See ya people and greetings from a ......
With lots of


First time I have heard about this doujinshi circle was 2011 on pinklotus89 LJ and I was hooked.
So naturally I wanted to know more about this circle.
The founders of this circle was Kichiku Neko(writer) and TogaQ(Jo Chen)(artist).
You know what I'm talking about---It's Guilt Pleasure.
The art was so beautiful and I was not able to move my eyes from the pictures on their site.
That was the reason to go for the first time in life into the bank and ask about credit card(conditions etc..)
So Guilt Pleasure was the culprit witch activate me to start buying mangas(a lot of mangas).
I'm not some manga critic to give reviews on what was good or bad(I'm just a manga lover who love to read and buy mangas).
The first chapters(parts)I have bought from them was IN THESE WORDS!!!

In These Words--LQ pics from mobile Collapse )
It's very good doujinshi.Story is dark,violent,twisted-so much different from others(unique for now).
In year 2011 they have made from first 5 chapters manga volume 01 (bad side is that volume now is out of print).
That's bad news for fans of this doujinshi,because there are a lot of people who would love to buy it.

The only regret I have that I was not able to buy ITW chapter 01(first edition--always late for something good).

The next one on my list was NEW YORK minute and First Do No Harm.
ITW prequel pic--LQ with postcardCollapse )

It's sweet to see Katsuya and David Lovey-Dovey(hot,hot,hot sexy scenes.....masive nosebleed)!!!!

After sweetness comes dark themes(new shock) Father Figure and The Bride.....

Father Figure--The Bride--with postcardsCollapse )
I'm not gonna comment(review) this novels(I will just say that when the first shock pass the stories was good and leave you with felling for wanting to know more and more and what will happen next).
I hope to see sequels in the future???

And there is the last for now--Cruel to be Kind...
CTBK--with sweet postcardsCollapse )

For last to say that this circle support talents(with advertisements for their circles and some small collaborations).
They are awesome...Nice example is Kahira...I like her drawings(her chibis are so cute)....and many others....
Sweet ChibisCollapse )
That's all for now.....SEEE YAAAA SOOONNN!!!!
P.S--For all infos about their releases you can go here -- http://guiltpleasure.com/ (ENJOY)....
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Finally Spring has come
After almost one Month of Bad weather and Raining with constant danger from floods
Sun and nice weather are here at last now all around me is in full bloom
Here are some pictures of that beautiful spring blooming(pictures are low quality because of mobile camera).
Now enjoy
Red FlowersCollapse )
Not so good picturesCollapse )
Again not good picturesCollapse )
Pink and more red flowersCollapse )

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Some good news people!!!
After so much rainy(bad luck)days the happy days have finally came
My PC Doctor said that my baby have saved some filesI was felling very depressed
But now I'm happybecause lots of files are safe now
So after this good news I want to wish all the people around the world Happy Halloween
I know it's late but you would not be angry on cute little babywould you
See ya....greetings from a .....
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Sorry to all of you my Dear friends for not responding to your kind messages.
My Dear PC was having CRASH and BURN phase(it was DEAD for a week)probably more.
All my YAOI files are probably gone for good.(Hope that there is a mercy of God)that these files are intact(alive).
So I'm making this post in some third rate internet cafe--in some corner away from my nosy cousin(working place) what a luck.Soon I need to go(to scared for that) and see DOCTOR LOVE for PC to hear his judgment(alive or not alive--that is a question).
I can only joke about this,while I'm screaming and crying inside.
I really hope that the files are alive.


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This is my first time bragging about something.
For the first time in my life I have bought not one,two,but three manga titles.
My first shopping ever(hope that would not gonna be a last time).I took a fotos of my babies(with cell phone-bad quality)...

My first pic....quality zero....Collapse )

See for yourself....Collapse )

My first time very bad quality pictures...Collapse )
Hope to buy Viewfinder from vol.01 to vol.04(future is uncertain).
But I can hope and dream a little bit.....

FUJOSHI FOREVER.......now must go to stop my masive nosebleed because of hot male loving.
Seee YYAAAAA....

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April the 20th 2012 was the happiest day in my life?Why?
Because Dino Merlin(the BIG STAR in my country and regional country's) has come to my little home town to have a concert for celebration of my hometown birthday(551 to be exact).
It was amazing--the crowd(like 70.000 people probably) was shouting his name demanding more and more songs,they were dancing and singing his song.The atmosphere was electric and unbelievable.And at the end of the show--fireworks.
I'm gonna remember that day for the rest of my life.
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Here comes the rain again,
Pouring on my head like a memory,pouring on my heart like a new emotion....
the rest is coming soon.See ya...
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 Today was a very bad day.
It's raining all day and only therapy was music.
I hope that the rain will stop soon...
See you again...
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